#givingback over this testing time

Over the next 7 days from tomorrow, Wednesday 8th to Wednesday 15th July, I am open to ANYONE who wants to take up my invitation to use my knowledge and experience to assist in any SQL Server challenges or advice UNCONDITIONALLY.

For the next seven days I am ready to help anyone who has real SQL Server current problems, issues or questions.

I’m intelligent enough to realise I may not resolve everything that may come my way, but I will endeavor to help you, with all the resources I have.

So if you want to discuss, work together or just bounce ideas – send me a message.

Whether you are starting out on your career, an experienced highly technical SQL expert or a CTO wanting an unbiased perspective on your environment (current or future road map) contact me and lets work together to make a difference to a real life scenerios.

Time is the most important life commodity we have that you can never get back. So while I am searching for my next role, I’m open to work with anyone that is out there wanting to make progress.

I can give you my time.

Up to a day per person/company (however many of the 24 hours it may require) AT NO COST.

I want to assist anyone that has real SQL Server challenges – NOT generic SQL Server training, workshops or advise – REAL LIFE CHALLENGES you may be experiencing.

Either remotely via video messaging, private messaging, email or on-site, we can discuss the options.

Contact me directly via rupert@fourteen33.uk or LinkedIn and lets work together via whatever method suits.